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What Can You Do To Help Your Child Learn?


A.         Start each day right; a calm beginning at home makes the school day much better.

B.         Encourage your child to have a good breakfast and lunch.  Make certain that your child sleeps at least 9-1/2 hours each night.

C.         Praise your child each day for something he/she has done.  Have a special place to put school work or things brought home.

D.         Laugh and talk with your child about school experiences and listen to what is said about your child’s school day experiences.

E.         Stress attendance.  If the child is ill, home is the best place; otherwise, your child needs to be at school every school day.

F.         Keep the lines of communication open between yourself and your child’s teacher.  Inform the teacher of any family situation which could influence your child’s behavior.  Also, if he/she is reluctant to go to school, let the teacher know so that together you can find the reason.

G.         Take your child to the library and encourage reading for pleasure.

H.         Stress organization of school notebooks, materials, etc.

I.          Provide pencils, glue, scissors, paper, and all other required school supplies for your child to use.

J.          Work at home with skills taught at school.

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