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Health Requirements

Health Requirements:

The Health Department requires that each pupil under (18) eighteen years must submit evidence of immunization to the school’s officials.  This evidence must be submitted to the BethelSeventh-dayAdventistSchool at registration or during the first week that the child is in school.  All new pupils are required to present a Health and History Form completed by a physician.  Pupils entering the 4th and 5th grades must also submit a medical examination form.

Student’s Medication:

Students are not permitted to have medication of any kind on their person at any time.  Parents who desire medication administered to a student during school hours must bring such medication to the school office along with specific and detailed written instructions by the doctor who prescribed the medication. Students must be taught to administer his or her own medication.

Student Illness:

A classroom is an ideal environment for the spread of communicable diseases.  Therefore, when a child has a cold or other illness which could be communicated to the other students, that child should remain at home.  In all cases, where a student has an elevated temperature (fever) the child should remain at home for a full 24 hours.  The school is not equipped or prepared to provide proper care for ill students.  If a student becomes ill during the school day, the parent will be notified to come and take the child home.  In the case of a contagious communicable disease, the child must bring a doctor’s statement of re-admission to the principal’s office before returning to class. 

First Aid:

In the event of minor accidents, first aid will be provided.  For more serious injuries, the child will be taken to the nearest health facility.  Insurance regulations forbid us from administering any internal medications.


Due to our health principles, we are advising parents and students not to bring pork and other meat products on the school premises.

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