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Parent Responsibilities

1.      See that your child/children attends school regularly.
2.      Uphold the school program as set forth in the Bulletin.
3.      See that your child/children return(s) home immediately after dismissal each day.
4.      Attend Home and School Association Meetings regularly.
5.      Take the opportunity to visit the school.
6.      Check the progress report each nine weeks period.  If you do not receive one, you should contact the school.
7.      Endeavor to have all physical defects corrected. Children with communicable disease should be kept at home. Report this information to the school office.
8.      Confer with teachers after school, rather than during class or recess time.
9.      Encourage your child/children to observe good health habits.
10. Return your child’s report card with the corresponding signature within three days after it has been issued.
11. Pay all school bills and fees on time,
12. Demand the best of your child/children.

Contacting Students and Teachers:
Students and teachers will not be called from the classes to answer the telephone except in cases of emergency. Therefore, the office will deliver such messages only in cases of emergencies. Otherwise, messages will be accepted and delivered within the school day.
The school carries liability insurance which covers all student sponsored activities. All students are insured for accidents during school hours and on the premises.
Radios, Tape Recorders, Etc.:
Radios, tape recorders, phone and other personal electronic devices are not allowed in the school, except by special permission. Although these devices can be used educationally, experience has taught us that these devices can be distracting, and prevent classroom learning activities. Therefore, students wishing to bring such devices to school must first obtain written permission from the teacher requiring the use of the student’s personal equipment.

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