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Dress Code

The Bethel S.D.A.School has adopted a prescribed uniform for the students enrolled in the school.  Students of Grade K - 5 are required to wear the full uniform determined by the school.  Uniforms are to be obtained from the Ideal Department Store, 1814 Flatbush Avenue, near Avenue K.  Telephone:  (718) 252-5090 and should be ordered at least two months in advance to ensure readiness for the opening of school.  Please obtain order blanks, style and price from the school’s office.

Students are required to wear the full uniform during school attendance as well as to and from school.  Please label outer clothing and lunchboxes with your child’s name so lost items can be returned to your child.

Students MUST be neat, clean, modest, and a representative of Christ at all times.  Written explanation is necessary when a student cannot be in full uniform.  Failure to present a note may result in suspension.

Continuous refusal to comply will be considered serious and appropriate for disciplinary action.

Boys and girls must wear appropriate and modest hairstyles. No plaits or designs for boys.

Girl’s Uniform:

Grade K – 5, grey and maroon jumpers, white blouse, maroon tie, maroon sweater, black shoes and maroon socks/stockings.


Wearing of Pants Girls:

During the cold winter months, it often becomes necessary for girls to wear pants as a means of protection against the weather.  Consequently, the wearing of pants under the skirts during the winter months is optional.  However, when pants are worn, they must match the uniforms supplied by the Ideal Store, and will be worn only for the duration of the period determined by the school.  These pants must be removed for class periods.

Boys Uniform:

Boy’s uniform consists of a white short or long sleeve shirt, grey pants, maroon tie, maroon blazer, black shoes and maroon socks.

Dress and Jewelry:

1.      Students must dress modestly.

2.      Nail polish, colorful cosmetics and items of jewelry, including rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, ornaments and other types of jewelry must not be worn or brought to school.

3.      Any such items brought to school will be confiscated until the end of the school year.

4.      Young ladies may not wear hair rollers while in school.

5.      Young men are not to wear plaited or braided hair, stocking caps, hats or caps inside the school building.

6.      Young men are to choose a modest haircut.  The haircut should reflect the Christian Principles and values on which the school is operated.  Therefore hair styles must be clean and neat.

7.      Functional jewelry such as watches, pins, cuff links and ties may not be worn.

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