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Rules & Regulations of the School

The BethelSchool operates with the highest Christian Standards and Ideals.  Therefore, it will help the students to develop self-discipline, give respect to and recognize, “that all things are under the law, and that disobedience leads, in the end to disaster and suffering.”  Education. p. 287


Reasons for Disciplinary Action Including Suspension:


1.      Illegally entering and leaving any part of the building, or its ground.


2.      Possessing or using alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or drugs in any form.


3.      Insubordination, falsifying, dishonesty in examination or other class work, assisting others in such dishonesty, or theft of any kind.


Defiance or disrespect towards school authority.


5.      Continual irregular attendance or tardiness at worship and class appointments.


6.      Possessing or using firearms, firecrackers, explosives of any kind, or knives that are considered dangerous by law.


7.      Using profane language, indulging in lewd conduct, fighting, possessing pornographic and obscene literature or pictures, drawing or writing smutty scenes on school property, or on personal belongings.


8.      Willful destruction of school property which may require the student’s parent to make restitution.


9.      Setting off fire alarms or tampering with electrical attachments.


10.  Meeting a person of the opposite sex in a deliberately secret and clandestine manner at any time.


11.  Gambling, betting, possessing cards, dice or any type of gambling device.


12.  Willful deception regarding violation of regulations.


13.  Instigating or participating in fights.


14.  Theft of any kind.


15.  Insubordination.


16.  Wearing of colored lipstick, eye shadow, colored or frosty nail polish or any other gaudy artificial cosmetics, jewelry, such as earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets or any jewelry to school.


17.  Striking a teacher.


18.  Disseminating immoral ideals or undermining the religious ideal of the school.


19.  Bringing radios or recorders, walkman, etc, to school without the teacher’s permission.


20.  Leaving the school premises without permission


Discipline Plan
First Offense
  1.      Put name on the board
  2.      Speak with the student
  3.      Make eye contact with the student
  4.      Call student’s name
  5.      Depending on the incident, have student make apology or restitution
Second Offense
  1.      Call student aside for a conference
  2.      Pray together with the student
  3.      Receive written apology from student
  4.      Give half hour lunch detention
  5.      Call parent by phone or send a note home
  6.      Give one hour after school detention
  7.      Have student enter into a behavior contract
Third Offense
  1.      Parent/Teacher conference
  2.      One day suspension on campus
  3.      Send to counseling where appropriate
Continuing Misbehavior
  1.      Refer to the discipline section
  2.      Two-day suspension
These are just some things that the school attempts to bring a student’s behavior under control. While we wish to follow the steps in order, a student’s behavior could necessitate moving to the third stage right away. Consequently, the school reserves the right to implement its discipline plan as it sees fit.


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