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Financial Information

Payment of Fees:

School fees are due and payable by the first day of each month.  However, a grace period of five working days will be extended to parents without any penalty.  After the fifth working day of each month, a service charge of $10.00 will be added to the account.  Parents are urged to pay their bills promptly since the school must meet its obligations promptly.

Parents will be billed or will receive monthly statements, and reminders about their payment whenever necessary.

Students whose account is 30 days or more in arrears WILL NOT be allowed to continue classes at the beginning of the new month.  Therefore, parents/guardian’s who are experiencing financial difficulty should contact the school without delay.


A 10 percent discount will be allowed for (3) three or more children from the same family attending the BethelSchool.  A (10) ten percent discount will also be allowed for those who pay the entire year’s fee in advance (see Tuition Plan Sheet).  There will also be a (3) three percent discount for families with two children attending BethelSchool.

Delinquent Accounts:

Pupils will not be allowed to take exams, receive grades, progress reports, report cards, transcripts or transfers if they have unpaid bills at the school.  Pupils will not knowingly be accepted at BethelSchool if they have an outstanding balance at any other school, unless proper arrangements are made in writing to pay the delinquent bill.

Students will be held responsible for willful damages made to school property.  Payment must be made by the parents of the guilty student for replacement or repair of such damage.
Students will be held responsible for willful damages made to school property. Payment must be made by the parents of the guilty student for replacement or repair of such damage. The cost of the damage will be charged to the student's account if the amount is not paid immediately.


The school does not allow refunds on registration fees, or tuition for classes missed, for late registration, special vacation or lab fees.  Funds are refundable only when the school is at fault, e.g., where there is a lack of space, or a class has been cancelled.

Registration Fee:

An annual registration fee is charged each applicant at rates set by the School Board to cover the cost of textbooks, rentals, workbooks, insurance fee, standardized tests and classroom supplies which are essential to the school instruction program and general office overhead.

Book Fee:

Pre-K                          $50.00
Kindergarten              $100.00
Grades 1-4                 $200.00
Grade 5                     $250.00

Tuition Payment Plan

The tuition payment plan will accompany the application form.

Tuition Payment During Illness of students:

In cases where a student becomes ill during the school year the following policy will be adopted:



Returned Checks:

A fee of ten (10) dollars or the going bank rate, will be charged for each check returned by the bank.

Library Fine:

Fine of (10) cents per day will be charged for each overdue book.  Full costs must be paid for lost or damaged books

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