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Statement of Philosophy & Objectives

Bethel School’s philosophy is based on the idea that the purpose of education is to provide a continuation of essential learning.  It is our ultimate goal to supply each student with basic facts and experiences.  These will aid our youth in becoming self-sufficient individuals, mentally, physically, socially, and morally so that they can meet the demands of a rapidly changing society.  It is essential to instill in each student the importance of individual worth and to create a positive self-image through the personal development of initiative, resourcefulness, and responsibility.  It is the intent of the faculty to lead students toward being disciplined, productive, informed, and fulfilled individuals.  To achieve these ideas, mutual respect and understanding must be present in the learning process on the part of all participants – the faculty, students, and community.


Compatible with the philosophy of the school, emphasis is placed on the following objectives.  They are three-fold:

A. Prepare the students to become servants of God through encouragement:

1. To gain a knowledge of God as Creator and Sustainer of life.

2. To make decisions based on moral and ethical values as well as facts.

3. To use opportunities for social growth within the moral and ethical context of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
4. To depend on the Bible as God’s written word, an infallible rule of faith, and guide for Christian standard.

5. To experience a personal relationship with God through faith, prayer, worship, and commitment.

6. Respond to Gods ownership of ALL things.

7. Participate in local and world evangelism of the gospel in all the world.


B. Prepare the students for service in this world through guidance in:

1. Accepting opportunities for developing values and talents.

2. Intellectual stimulation.

3. Acquiring the basic skills in reading, mathematics, and communication.

4. Developing critical thinking skills.

5. Utilizing learning experiences based on instructional methods and materials which reflect Seventh-day Adventist values.

6. Developing habits of healthful living.

7. Applying opportunities to experience the value and dignity of labor as part of the total learning experience.

8. Discriminating wisely in the use of leisure time.


C. Preparing students for community service by:

1. Providing opportunities to achieve educational excellence for each child.

2. Providing a conducive environment for educational and Christian character development.

3. Encouraging development of responsibility in Christian service by identifying with church and local organizations.

4. Stressing/Emphasizing the value of each person.

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