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Simply defined, faith is belief and trust. It is believing God and trusting God. Both elements must be present to make faith.   We are well acquainted with the Christian's armor as given in Ephesians 6. For successful warfare we must put on the whole armor of God, because". . We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."
So, faith is the shield of the Christian soldier, defending him from the fierce attacks of the foe from within and without. The shield of faith is able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. This shield cannot be pierced or destroyed by the fiercest fires of hatred or malice. The arrows of the evil one, though flaming with cruelty, are stopped by the shield and extinguished.
The new North American Division Office of Education (NADOE) logo contained within the Bethel Elementary insignia, identifies Adventist Education in the 21st century.   It is a new beginning towards creating a positive future for Adventist Education.
Inherent in the center of Bethel School insignia is the center of Adventist Christian Education philosophy. The logo uses the initials "A" and "E" in a spiritual arrangement. The upward road within the block "A" illustrates that Adventist education points students heavenward, ever aspiring to more true knowledge and understanding. Adventist Education is a journey to eternity through knowledge and the miracle of grace in the heart. It is an active learning system that emphasizes excellence and a Christ-centered life. As the "three angels' message" is central to Seventh-day Adventist doctrine, it is also at the core of Adventist education. This “message” sounds deliberately, preparing youth to be committed and valuable members of society and heirs of Christ.
Visit please visit NADOE by clicking  to learn more particulars about what the A and the E means in the logos spiritual arrangement.
So often in the Bible the Holy Spirit is associated with fire. The eternal flame on top of the NADOE emblem is a symbol of the Holy Spirit and our everlasting Christian faith and passion for Christ. 
THE OPEN BIBLE WITH A TURNING PAGE (The word of God Actively Being Read.)
We have received two inseparable inheritances from God—His Word and His Spirit. The Word reveals God to us so that we can know Him, and the Spirit transmits God to us so that we can possess Him. The Spirit without the Word is intangible, while the Word without the Spirit is mere letter. It is God's Word that makes the Spirit substantial, and it is His Spirit who makes the Word vital. The Bible makes known to us the things of the Spirit, and the Spirit makes real to us the things in the Bible. Ultimately, the Word of God and the Spirit of God are one.
The teaching staff is a team of dedicated professionals who maintain a high standard of academic excellence and are committed to making the classroom a place of discovery and intellectual stimulation.
At bethel we strongly believe in the importance of caring for the physical nature of the human body through proper nutrition and exercise. Our athletic programs focus on teaching values and the practices of good health, and are designed for athletes at all levels. We believe that participation in athletics contributes to good character, physical development, and sportsmanship, and promotes positive school morale.
At Bethel SDA Elementary School, outreach and service to the community are key ingredients in the spiritual growth of our students. We believe this type of involvement with others in the role of givers is of invaluable measure in a young person's life, and will build teamwork as students work with their class, group or athletic team to put their faith into action.

Blessed with a legacy of God’s provision and leading, students at
Bethel SDA Elementary School, benefit from an unparalleled educational experience. Over 98% of our graduates pursue higher education beyond high school. The faculty and staff of Bethel SDA Elementary are committed to providing rigorous, relevant instruction grounded in meaningful, Christ-centered relationships with students. Students learn from educators who model Christ-like behavior and teach using a biblical worldview. As Christians living in an ungodly world, students are both spiritually and academically equipped to confidently share the reason for their hope and faith in Jesus. Bethel SDA School seeks to prepare students to engage the culture and impact their world for the sake of Christ.

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